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IT services with twenty years of experience


Our colleagues have twenty years of IT experience in a wide range of industry and service areas. We deal with the operation of data center business-critical systems, and it is important for us to provide reliable IT background support for small and medium-sized enterprise systems.

Our team consists of IT professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the solutions of well-functioning reputable manufacturers, as well as the ability to harmonize the needs with the opportunities. Our specialists pay close attention to the implementation of acceptable price / value ratios in such a way as to keep our customers' IT risks low.

We are committed to provide proactive IT operation and it is key for us that failure prevention should be the main priority when working with our customers.

Mihály Litzler
Miklos Erdos
Mario Nagy
Gabor Kisdaroczi
Litzler Krisztina


IT management,
IT consulting

Business continuity and operation of IT services is vital for companies. As part of our service, we undertake to review and update the IT strategy, as well as to carry out developments and investments that require expertise and experience.

We recommend our service to company managers who, due to the size of the company, do not employ a trained IT manager.

System operation services

Small and medium-sized businesses waste valuable time and a lot of money when they want to run their IT system from the inside. The purpose of the system management service is to allow you to focus entirely on the core business of your company. Your colleagues can always turn to the system administrator with confidence.

System design

  • In case of a breakdown, do you want the lost time not to harm your business?
  • Don’t want to play with your customers' patience while having to wait a long time for a simple print because of a poorly designed system?
  • Are you dreaming of trouble-free and virus-free e-mail service?
  • Do you want IT not to be a hassle but a business advantage?
  • Do you want these questions to be approached with reliable expertise?

We design and operate your system efficiently!

Website development

If you want your enterprise to be found quickly on the Internet, have your website built by an expert. When developing webpages, we pay special attention to search engine optimization because we think a good website has measurable results. We achieve our common goals by using state-of-the-art technology and building websites with well-functioning, proven and free open source tools.

Remote Assistance

Do you want to contact your system administrator at any time? As part of our remote assistance service, we assist you in solving problems even without stakeout. Not only can you get over a seemingly stuck situation faster and more efficiently, but you can also save money for your business!

Remote monitoring

We can continuously monitor the operational condition of your equipment with the help of our remote monitoring. The purpose of the service is to avoid errors as much as possible, and to be notified as soon as possible if a device requires maintenance. As part of the service, we can easily localize and fix problems in a short time.


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